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Nominate A Diva

Each month starting in March we will be honoring a Divine Diva Of The Month, and the Diva selected will receive the following.

A Divine Diva Of The Month page hosted on our site which will include a Divine Diva Interview, and photo. The nomination letter that was submitted for the Divine Diva Of The Month. A link to her site if she has one, or a link to a site or organization that she works with.

She will also receive a special package of products from my company, and I am also working on getting some great products from sponsors as well. Our site will updated each month with the details of the exact products she will receive.

We will also keep all of the nominations that aren’t selected for the month, so they will have a chance to be selected for a future month.

To nominate a diva please send a letter to with Nominate A Divine Diva in the subject line. Please include the following information.

Your name
Email address
Phone number
The Divine Diva’s Name
Email address
Or website

I am not limiting the word count on your nomination letter because I know some letters may need to be longer then others, but please make sure it’s not several pages long.
Please explain in your letter why you feel that person should be A Divine Diva Of The Month and how she inspires you or touches your life or the lives of others, and please give as much detail as you can.

I will send a confirmation email to you to let you know I received your letter, and I will get in contact with you if your nominee is selected, and make arrangements to interview her and get her page up on the site.You can submit nominations all through the month and the last day of the month will be the last day to submit a nomination. We will decide by the 5th of the next month.

If you have any questions, please email me. Good Luck! I look forward to your nominations.

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