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A trend emerged a few years ago on make-up, such as foundation, that came already loaded with sunscreen, and while I think it's a step in the right direction, I still insist that you use a traditional sunscreen. Why? Firstly, most make-ups include only a minute amount of sunscreen. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, recent studies show that sunscreen in make-up virtually disappears a mere two hours after application, leaving you with only the assumption of protection. Honestly, I resent the false sense of security that they deliver. The bottom line is: always use a separate sunscreen.

You've probably heard that over 80% of sun damage is received before the age of 18 and judging by the many patients who have sat in my office and reminisced about having suntanning competitions when they were teenagers, I'm not surprised. I think this statistic is worth repeating, but I also hesitate to bring it up because some sun fanatics might translate it as an invitation to indulge in even more damage. The damage is already done, right? But please, let's remember that those were the days when baby oil was the tanning tool of choice and ignorance was bliss, and we now know that no excuse is good enough forvoluntarily speeding the ageing process. Even after years of tanning, someone who becomes serious about sun protection can achieve a great improvement in his or her skin's condition. The body is amazingly efficient at fighting free radical damage, especially when it s given a helping hand. I hope that the message is clear: embrace a natural aesthetic. Your face - and your dermatologist - will thank you for it.

To talk solely about the sun and the tick-tocking of the clock doesn't paint the full ageing picture.


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