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Welcome to Divine Diva Delights. We have over 250 Divalicious scents to choose from.

Our Divine products include moisturizing body lotions, hydrating cream, bubble bath, body wash, massage oil, shea balm, bath salts, perfume oil, and so much more. Our Beautylicious bath and body products are perfect for the DIVA in you. I believe we all have many DIVA qualities that make us truly unique and I’ve listed a few below. Take a look at the list to see which DIVA represents who you are. I think you will find that you possess many of the qualities below and see a little of yourself in each one.

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My goal at Divine Diva Delights is to bring you bath and body products to pamper yourself and leave you smelling fabulous, and I hope to inspire you as well. So come on in and take a look around. Divine Diva Delights are just what the doctor ordered. Guaranteed to bring out the DIVA in anyone!

If you need a little bit of inspiration, visit Inspiration Point I will be posting there often and hope to inspire you. Stop by Divine Diva Interviews where I interview some Fabulous Divas that are sure to inspire you. We also have Divine Diva E-Cards which are fun and free to send. Don't forget to sign up for a chance to win free products at our Beautylicious Birthday Club. We have some great things planned for the future, so check our Divine Diva News for updates.
Till then, Have A Divine Diva Day!

Fearless Diva As a fearless diva you wake up each day unafraid of anything or anyone. You are always up for a challenge and you set a great example for others by showing them what can be accomplished when fear is not a factor.

Beautiful Diva As a beautiful diva you know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and you realize that there are many ways to be beautiful. You have discovered that real beauty comes from within and you know that your inner beauty is what makes you truly beautiful.

Creative Diva As a creative diva you love to put your creative touch on everything you do. Whether you’re adding a few special words to a greeting card, putting together a gift basket for loved ones, or singing your heart out, your creative juices are always flowing.

Powerful Diva As a powerful diva you have realized that you have the power to do anything your heart desires. When others are around you they sense your power and they watch and learn from you.

Confident Diva As a confident diva you have confidence in everything you do. You know that being confident in yourself gives you the ability to tackle anything you do, and your confidence helps you achieve anything your heart desires.

Dream Diva As a dream diva you have big dreams for yourself and your life. You’re a goal setter and you know that writing down your goals one by one, creates the steps you need to achieve the life of your dreams.

Independent Diva As an independent diva you follow the beat of your own drum. You love to make your own choices and pride yourself on being able to take care of yourself in every way.

Strong Diva As a strong diva you show great strength in facing whatever life throws your way. There are many ups and downs in life and your strength shows us that we all have an inner strength inside each of us.

Inspired Diva As an inspired diva you are inspired by many things. You find inspiration in the little things in life and sometimes the big things. The great thing about you is that you take what you learn from what inspires you and you find ways to not only inspire yourself, but others as well.

Divine Diva As a divine diva you are all of the things above and more. I believe as women we are divine, magnificent, beautiful, heavenly creatures. Our inner diva is just waiting for us to discover her and show her to the world.

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