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On a more ominous note, research has shown that skin cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK. About 1 in every 150-200 people in the UK will contract skin cancer in their lifetime; there are roughly 40,500 new cases each year, resulting in about 1,500 deaths. If you need another reason to avoid the sun, this is clearly the one.

Once you've honed in on your sunblock of choice, you have to make a commitment to using it properly. Before stepping outside, at least a teaspoon-sized portion should be applied to your bare face and given time to absorb. Those with very sensitive skin should seek a chemical-free option, such as one with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, while those with acne-prone skin should use a gel-based formula. Also, consider your itinerary for the day and adjust your sun protection accordingly. Remember that sand and water deliver almost 100% reflection, so for that big outing make sure to have your new favourite product on hand and reapply often. Finally, reach for a hat and sunglasses before heading outdoors. Just remember that a hat on its own offers almost negligible protection, especially the flimsy straw hats so popular during the summer months. A dark canvas hat that doesn't let any light show through is your best bet. Also, remember that clothing offers a natural SPF and there's an innovative new product [available through online pharmacies in the UK) that allows you to add extra protection to your clothing simply by throwing it in the wash. Tinted windows block UVA and UVB rays, as do the white gloves that many of my Miami patients wear as they drive in the hot sun. Those are my favourite patients!


Skin Care

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