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Divine Diva Interviews

Welcome to Divine Diva Interviews.
My goal is to interview women from all walks of life and all ages who inspire us, and help pave the way for other women. I will be interviewing writers, women who run their own business and so much more.

I believe that featuring these women will be an inspiration to other women, and by reading these interviews you will see we all face fears and obstacles along the way. But I believe we can move beyond them and live the life we have always dreamed of. I admire these amazing women who have answered my questions and I feel each interview is a divine gift that will truly inspire you.

Click on the Divas below to read their interviews. I will be adding more soon, so check back often.

I would also like to share with you a poem I wrote.

Believe in who you are
Believe that dreams come true
Believe that all the strength you need
Lies deep inside of you
Wish upon a falling star
Have faith in what you believe
For even the impossible dream
Is one you will achieve
Listen with your heart
Hear the song it sings
Imagine all things are possible

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